Sandrine Dorin     From France
"I tested the Mum's Stretch Away Cream of SWISS KISS LAB. I liked this cream."

First impression: Pleasant and discrete smell, light and fluid texture, the cream gently penetrates under the effect of a quick massage after shower. It is neither sticky nor greasy. It does not leave marks on clothes!

After a few months of use during my pregnancy, I must say that today I have no stretch marks and firm skin on my breasts but also on my belly and hips. As per my experience, I highly recommend it!"

Joan Cheng     From Hong Kong
My baby is now using the Baby Diaper Cream which improves the diaper rash situation. No more redness and small spots on my baby’s bottom. It is waterproofing that prevent stool, urine and moist directly contact with the skin thus keep the bottom in a dry condition.

The cream is easy to wipe clean as well. My baby has no more itchiness and pain caused by diaper rash and I am so happy with it.

Angela Hui     From Hong Kong
I love it! SWISS KISS LAB Baby Shampoo & Body Wash 2 in 1! It is absolutely awesome!

I am a mother of 14 months old boy.

This product is so gentle; it works so great on my baby, leaving his skin soft and clean without any irritation.

We really like the scent, it is nice and light. Instead of buying multiple products, 1 product is good for my boy’s body and hair. Nice and Neat!

I am very impressed with the quality of SWISS KISS LAB Baby Shampoo & Body Wash, from its smell, gently washes ability, to the natural ingredients that are used in it.

Cynthia Ho     From Hong Kong
Being a mum of two boys, I have been trying to find the best suitable (safe, high quality with natural ingredients) skin care products for my kids.

I am especially careful with my younger baby as he has very sensitive and delicate skin. I am grateful that I found SWISS KISS LAB.  My sons use the Baby Face & Body Lotion every day.

Stella Chiu     From Hong Kong
I like Baby Face and Body Lotion the most from SWISS KISS LAB. It is soft, smooth and niether greasy nor sticky.

My baby’s face was very dry during the unstable weather, so I applied the lotion on her face at day time and night time. Few weeks later, her dry skin problem is being solved. As it is so effective, I use the lotion on myself, too.


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