Zoe Chan - Senior Beauty Editor     From Hong Kong
The Mum's Natural Line, from SWISS KISS LAB, offers 4 easy step for mums during pregnancy to enjoy beautiful skin!

Joan Cheng - Blogger     From Hong Kong
I like the mousse texture of Gentle Cleansing Foam. It is easy to pump out and the slight lavender smell is very claming! it cleanses my skin gently and effectively, leaves it feeling fresh and soft. 

Karen Choi - Makeup Artist     From Hong Kong
If you want to look gorgeous, it is significantly important to maintain or keep your skin healthy! Use natural skincare poiducts to create nourishing and flawless skin! 

Ellie Ong - Blogger     From Hong Kong
The natural lavender scent freshens up my mood. And Mum's Natural Line products make my skin immediately glowing!

Annie Yeung - Blogger     From Hong Kong
My favourite product is 24H Moisturizer from Mum's Natural Line. I like its texture and it immediately deep hydrates my skin! I can feel my skin shining and healthy!

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